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» Who is BREIZELEC ?

Mantagua designs and manufactures Led lightings for leisure and work boats 

BREIZELEC's short history

BREIZELEC was founded in 1974 by Jean-Louis LAUTROU.

Until 1999, BREIZELEC was mainly an electronic subconstractor for big names of the telefon and video industries such as MATRA, ALCATEL, THOMSON, etc.

In 1999, BREIZELEC was bought over by Philippe GASTOUD.

Since then, BREIZELEC diversified in various activities :
  • Electronic repairs,
  • Design and manufacturing of electronic systems,
  • Manufacturing of electronic boards and electrical wires.

In 2007, BREIZELEC bought the RADAR activity from SPAREX, sold under the brand RADAREX.

2008, the MANTAGUA LED lighting activity joined the BREIZELEC group.
In 2019, BREIZELEC moves to new headquarters and double its manufacturing facility.




Led lightings for sailing ship and workboat


BREIZELEC dedicates its entire efforts to offer customers the best electronic services and products available that allow to reduce our carbon footprint.
Since 1974, BREIZELEC is growing steadily. 90 employees are working for a turnover greater than 10 millions Euros (£8,5 millions).

BREIZELEC has 2 production sites for a total of 10.000 m² of buildings.

BREIZELEC's organization is based on team work. Each team deals with a customer or a manufacturig process.

BREIZELEC's philosophy: Providing customers with the best service.